ABC Sanitation Offers Septic Tank Servicing

Standard Septic Servicing

Our standard septic tank service with a brief inspection includes:

• Servicing of All Septic Tank Compartments

• Cleaning of the Outlet Baffle Filter (If Installed)

• Inspections Completed/Recorded on the Bill Are as Follows:

  » Whether the Inlet and Outlet Baffles Are Intact and Securely Fastened in Place or If They Need Replacing

     or Repair

  » What the Septic Tank’s Operating Level Is

  » Whether the Sludge Content in the Septic Tank is of a Normal or Heavy Condition

  » Whether the Physical Tank Condition Is Good or Poor

  » Whether the Field-Bed Effluent Is Running Back into the Tank

• Recommended Service Interval with Post Card Reminders

Full Inspection of Septic Systems for Prospective Home Buyers

Our full inspection includes all of the services provided in our standard septic tank service (as noted above) and the following:

• Additional Field-Bed Inspections from Exposing Specific Location Points in the Septic System Unique to Each


• Professional Septic System Report That Summarizes the Findings and States Conclusions Made from the

  Information Collected

Exposing of Septic Tank Lids for Pumping

In most cases, a septic tank’s lids are below ground level. This service exposes all required lids; the sod and soil that may be covering the lids (to a maximum depth of 18 inches) can be removed and replaced for an extra cost.

Lid Extensions

If you prefer, we can install lid extensions on your septic tank. This reduces or even eliminates the need to dig out the septic tank’s lids. Lid extensions are made of a durable, non-corrosive, long-lasting plastic material and have concrete lids. They can be installed at ground level or hidden below the surface in order to keep your yard’s appearance visibly undisturbed.

Cleaning Blocked Septic System Lines

Are your septic system’s lines blocked? Learn more about our line cleaning service. Sometimes, it is necessary for septic system lines to undergo a video inspection to determine what is causing the blockage. Whatever is required, ABC Sanitation can complete the service.

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